Machine Learning in the Cloud

Artificial intelligence and machine learning already made their way into enterprise applications in areas such as customer support, fraud detection, and business intelligence. There is every reason to believe that in soon future most of the development on Machine learning and AI will happen in the cloud.

The leading cloud computing platforms are all wagering huge on democratizing artificial intelligence. Over the previous 3 years, Amazon, Google, and Microsoft have actually made considerable investments in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, from presenting brand-new services to performing significant reorganizations that position AI tactically in their organizational structures. Google CEO, Sundar Pichai, has even said that his company is moving to an “AI-first” world.

If the cloud is the location for your machine learning projects, how do you understand which platform is best for you? In this posts, I will discuss about solutions and practices on different machine learning cloud platforms, like, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform and many other that will come in as the clou for machine learning and AI progresses in its development.

Machine Learning in the cloud

To be completely agile for whatever the future may hold, the data platforms will certainly need to support the complete selection of diverse data kinds. The system must make input as well as outcome data available to any kind of application anywhere. Such agility will certainly make it feasible to totally utilize the worldwide sources offered in a multi cloud setting, thereby empowering organizations to attain the cloud’s complete potential to maximize efficiency, cost, as well as conformity requirements.

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Making Machine Learning more efficient with the cloud

Machine learning can infuse every application with predictive power. Data scientists use these sophisticated algorithms to dissect, search, sort, infer, foretell, and otherwise understand the growing amounts of data in our world.
The hungry models can be easily satisfied in the cloud.

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