Experiences from work as data scientist

How to turn your boring work into an amazing experience?

Have you ever found yourself stuck in boring work? Days are passing slow, and you just have no motivation to get up from your bed and go to the office. You find yourself daydreaming, searching the web for your next vacation or even playing an online game. The phenomenon of being bored at work, not enjoying going to the officer and finding millions of excuses to stay home is not new. I read somewhere that around 80% of working people don’t like their job and if they don’t have to do it, they would never do it. 80% of people hating what they do every day is too high of a number. But there is some good news.

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Why should you ask your Data scientist more?

In the last years, I felt a lot of admiration and maybe a little bit of envy towards my colleagues and me just because we are the Data Scientists. Yes, it is a hot word, the media is talking all about AI, machine learning and predictive intelligence. Who would not want to know what their future will look like, right?
Data scientists are so hot now because they can predict things. But can they always?
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What skills does a data scientist need and how to get them?

Upgrading your skills constantly is the way to stay on the top.What skills do you need to have to become a Data Scientist? I have written before but I’ll try to put again some more info to help the people who really want to go that path.

What skills are essential for a good Data Scientist?

Why should you consider when choosing the right machine learning and AI platforms?

In order to go in-depth on what exactly data science and machine learning (ML) tools or platforms are, why companies small and large are moving toward them, and why they matter in the Enterprise AI journey, it’s essential to take a step back and understand where we are in the larger story of AI, ML, and data science in the context of businesses.

Read non technical approach on what exactly data science and machine learning (ML) tools or platforms are.