Data Science for Marketing

Personalization – How much do you understand your customer?

All marketing activities that are organized for us, all the offers that we receive on our emails, apps, banner ads, billboards on the bus stations, hidden messages in the last movie you watched or message to buy pairing product. All these marketing activities try to show that they understand your preferences. Or they try to persuade you that the product they represent is the product you are looking for.

What personalization can mean to your organization?

Modeling marketing multi-channel attribution in practice

multi channel attribution.png

What is the next step I need to take to close his deal? What will this customer ask for next and how can I drive it to him? What is the shortest path to close a deal?
How much do all my marketing and sales activities really cost? How much does one action or marketing channel costs?
All these are common questions marketing and sales are facing with on daily bases.
Luckily, there is an answer.
Knowing how much you spend on each of the marketing and sales channels and activities is from essential importance for your business success.

Learn how to model marketing multi-channel attribution in practice

Web Analytics – Why is SEO important?

Building a strong brand in today’s word is a real challenge.
The web, the globalization, the widespread knowledge, the easily accessible information and lot more is expanding the competition from your neighborhood to the whole wide world.This highly competitive environment puts high standards for the success of the business. Building a website with a nice graphic is not a fancy feature anymore, but a standard. However, the fancy website will mean nothing to your business without the well-expected visitors.

Why SEO is important? by Kire Hajba