I work as a Data Scientist since 2005. During my start, I didn’t have many resources where to learn from, so I learned the hard way. Reading a lot of books about databases, database systems, data warehousing, etc. Learning data mining meant that first I need to learn the mathematical formula of each model before trying to implement it on a real-life problem. Here, I want to pass on my knowledge in the best way it helped me to become proficient. Altho I believe the theory is important in understanding how Machine learning and Data science works, practice makes you the Data Scientist. That is why I focus only on passing practical experiences that I gain during work as a Principal Data Scientist.

My mission is to make people with less understanding of AI love data and AI.
In a world where everything is becoming to be machine learning or AI-driven, ordinary people are more terrified than excited about this technology. Having extensive knowledge of this technology as well as having excellent business knowledge makes my mission successful.
Once I see people smile in understanding that AI will not take their job away, but it will make their life much better and enjoyable I have a small part of my mission completed.
My motto is: Only your imagination is the limit as long as you are passionate about it. The sky is way below my imagination.
Trying to pass more and more from my knowledge on my professional blog.
I started my career when I was 14 years old, on my first national competition for young innovators, where I took the 3rd place. Ever since that day I aspired to become the 1st place. I carefully observed what the use cases of the other innovators who were 1st place are and I applied that business knowledge in my next year project. The following year I was 1st place out of 400 competitors with the maximum amount of points.
17 years later, I still apply the same rules in both business and life overall.
Carefully examine what can take me where I want to be and apply that.
Since I started very early as a person who does it all by himself, I was at the same time business owner, business analyst, business representative, web developer, desktop developer, database developer analyst, data scientist, consultant. You name it I have it.
That extensive experience certainly made me understand the business very well before starting any work which is not the case with every technical person.

More info about my professional portfolio on Linked In: www.linkedin.com/in/josip-lazarevski-411a0115