About me

My name is Josip Lazarevski , born on 19th of August 1986. I come from Ohrid, Macedonia.

I finished my Computer Science bachelor degree at Institute of Informatics in Skopje in 2009 with focus in Information Systems.

During my studies I showed great interest in working more than my university tasks. I worked as freelance web application developer mainly using C# and MySql as development technologies. I was assigned on couple of projects where I had the opportunity to get experience with working with customers, conducting interviews with stakeholder, gathering business requirements, architecturing, developing and presenting the project.
After finishing my Bachelor degree in 2009 I started working with Databases as MS SQL Server developer and Business intelligence developer in the biggest IT Company in Macedonia, Seavus. Shortly after my graduation I had the opportunity to live in New York and to work for one of the biggest media and financial-data firm in the world, which give me great experience and knowledge which will lead me to another great work opportunity to work for Maltese company 6PM and be part of their big Business intelligence team and gain great experience in the health care industry.
In my previous companies I had opportunities to work with great professionals from whom I learned a lot. Even more, the complexity of the domain required great skills enthusiasm and commitment to the tasks I was working on.
There I had opportunity to work on database systems heavy more than 10 TB. Since the complex business logic was on Database level I was challenged to develop big Stored Procedures that will work accurate and fast. More than that I was challenged to tune up the Database system on daily basis. Performance analysis was also daily task. The transactional database system was source of the whole Business Intelligence solution, where I was required to develop multidimensional structures, Cubes ETL packages and to present the data with interactive dashboards and reports using the latest BI technologies to the final users of the system.
On the end of the day I was presenting my work to the stakeholders and managers, gathering requirements and conducting interviews for further change and development on the solution.

On the other side I was responsible for continuous availability on the database system, so I was required to design high availability solutions and maintenance plans.

Many times I was asked to work alone without any help of other team members or without any supervision. More than that I was expected to design and bring new solutions and ideas for the projects I worked on my own according the business requirements. That occurrence made me independent and self-motivated individual who can work on his own and still provide great result. 

With my work experience and knowledge I gained Microsoft certified professional in Business Intelligence Development and Maintenance title in October 2011.

With my great experience from Wall Street in New York to Hospitals in London, big enthusiasm and professionalism, I will try to add value to this blog and help many people when they are in trouble, have lack of ideas or want to learn new technologies.